What I’m Doing

Safe Streets

Ana's Commitment:

In 2017, I promised to be a tireless advocate for infrastructure funding in District 7 and to prioritize projects by greatest need. I pledged to work with communities and transportation partners to bring sidewalks, lighting, and traffic calming devices to our neighborhoods.

Ana's Action:

I advocated and secured a record $130 Million for streets and sidewalks, a 65% increase from funding levels when I first entered office.

I have brought together the Cities of San Antonio and Leon Valley, TXDOT, and state elected officials to develop a plan for easing congestion on Bandera Road.

During my first term, I was able to clear a backlog of District 7 speedhumps dating back to 2013 by securing additional dollars for traffic calming devices.


Public Safety

Ana's Commitment:

I promised to work to ensure patrol and SAFFE officers have the resources they need to do their job effectively. I pledged to bolster support for community policing programs like Cellular on Patrol and Neighborhood Watch.

Ana's Action:

I advocated and secured increased funding that added 78 police officer and firefighter positions during my first term, and was appointed to Chair the City's Public Safety Committee.

Shaping Our Growth

Ana's Commitment:

I promised to make neighborhoods strong partners in my work at City Hall and to give them a voice in shaping our growth. I pledged to advocate for policies that enhance our quality of life and protect our natural resources. I made a commitment to put forward policies that would protect the character that makes San Antonio so unique while preparing responsibly for the future.

Ana's Action:

I implemented a policy in the District 7 office that requires developers who seek zoning changes to reach out to the neighborhoods where they seek to build.

I brought the first-ever Neighborhood Leadership Academy to District 7 and graduated 43 community leaders who are now even stronger partners.

I advocated for the protection of community plans, and my office now ensures that planning team members are notified when new developers come to the area seeking a zoning change.

I voted against CCHIP incentives for developers who build in the center city because I believe more attention needs to be paid to our neighborhoods and not just downtown.

Accountability & Transparency

Ana's Commitment:

I will be a full-time councilwoman, and to run an office where emails and phone calls are returned promptly, and where employees are motivated to serve District 7. I pledged to hold regular town hall meetings and to have evening office hours accessible to working families. I made a commitment to seek meaningful public input on issues before City Council and to hold myself, city staff, and city contractors accountable to you.

Ana's Action:

I authored and successfully passed a policy directing city staff to abide by a set of guiding "Principles of Public Participation" that will revamp and enhance how the City engages with residents when creating new policies or changing existing ones.

I hosted four property tax workshops across the District to show residents how to appeal their property values to save taxpayers money.

I make myself accessible and host several coffees each month so that I and residents can have 1-on-1 meetings with me to talk about issues that matter to them.