Who I Am

San Antonio Is My Home

My family came to the US from Monterrey, México in 1976 when I was a year old, setting into San Antonio's westside within District 7.

Rooted In Our Community

my early years

My older sister started kindergarten without knowing English. She taught me what she learned when she came home from school—a habit she continued through high school. By the fall of 1980, we had a new sister, I had started kindergarten, and our family had managed to buy a home on Donaldson Avenue. Even though they were only able to complete the third and sixth grade, my parents made sure my sisters and I had everything we needed to succeed in school. We are all proud graduates of Madison, Longfellow Middle School, and Thomas Jefferson High School.

Realizing Our American Dream

Public schools presented me with great opportunities, like the Thomas Jefferson Mariachi Program. One of my favorite memories is performing on Riverwalk barges during Fiesta. Thanks to my training at school, I was offered a job as a mariachi musician for Fiesta Texas’ opening season. I felt as though I had struck the jackpot. I had been earning $4.25 an hour bussing tables at EZ’s Restaurant on Bandera and 410. At Fiesta Texas, I earned $13 an hour—enough to help with the household expenses and to help my father buy the 1992 red Nissan pickup he still drives today.

Qualified & Experienced

My Accomplishments

When I graduated as valedictorian from Thomas Jefferson High School in 1993, I was blessed to receive a full scholarship to MIT where I majored in Chemical Engineering. It was that same summer of 1993 that I was honored to become a naturalized citizen of the United States, fulfilling mine and my family's dream.

After I graduated from MIT, I was named a Fulbright Scholar in 1997, allowing me to study binational business in Mexico City at the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México. Once I completed my studies there, I earned a Master’s Degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering at Stanford University.

My Early Career

I knew I wanted to work in public service while also contributing to my community, so I chose to start my professional career in San Antonio at VIA Metropolitan Transit. I was entrusted with ensuring that public transportation remained viable for the working people of San Antonio.
Later, in San Francisco I worked at the Bay Area Air Quality Management District evaluating clean air projects and managing multi-million dollar public information campaigns. I spearheaded the development of the agency’s first public participation plan, a model for government agencies seeking meaningful input from communities. During this time I worked with and trained staff from 101 cities and counties.

Calling me home

My work with communities there made me realize that while I knew the science behind air pollution, to be a better public servant I needed to know about the public health outcomes. After receiving my Master’s Degree at the Harvard School of Public Health, I had the opportunity to stay in Boston and pursue a PhD. However, I knew my future needed to focus on helping people back home in San Antonio.

Servant Leader

Ready to serve

All my education and professional experience prepared me well to serve District 7. From teaching high school youth in after-school programs to starting my own Environmental Health firm, my work has focused on improving quality of life for the community.

My first term in office

During my first term in office, I delivered on the promises I made two years ago. I secured record funding for streets and sidewalks in District 7, brought together community stakeholders to develop a plan for easing congestion on Bandera Road, secured funding for speed humps dating back to 2013, hosted four property tax workshops for District 7 homeowners, and authored the first-ever Council-adopted resolution on improving public participation. And that's only a small piece of what we've accomplished together.

My Council Office sends out a weekly newsletter to keep District 7 residents updated on City Council news and community events, and I hold one-on-one meetings with District 7 residents on Saturdays to discuss the issues that are important to them.

While on Council, I've been appointed the Chairwoman of two city council committees: the Community Health and Equity Committee and the Public Safety Committee. I also serve on the Council Governance and Transportation Committees.

I have an overwhelming love for my family and my neighborhood.

I even purchased a house next door to my childhood home where my parents and the 1992 red Nissan truck still live. I have been to many places; I know how unique San Antonio and District 7 are. With your support, I will continue to use all my passion, talent, and experience in representing our neighborhoods, and making District 7 a great place to raise a family, start a business and retire. Let’s do it together.

A sus ordenes,

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